Dream Memorandum Two

WOW!! I’m still surprised and moved by the response to our TV Test in January !! A lot of really nice people wishing to share my dream. Wonderful!

Now the work building our “Dream Village” begins. We are selecting the best builders possible. We expect to announce the first this spring!

We are on track to opening the Welcome Center on-site this summer. You will be able to see the plans and layouts for all the planned neighborhoods including the newest one: Plaza La Mancha – A neighborhood modeled after Seville, the cultural capital of southern Spain.

More big news: Floor plans for The Gardens are now online! Go check them out, pick your favorite, and as soon as the Welcome Center opens be the first in line to reserve your apartment!

On top of these exciting new developments, we will be busy building the infrastructure, including roads, utilities, lakes, etc. We will spend all summer building and preparing for a real “Dream Village” for really nice people to be with other nice people and spend the rest of their lives with exciting and peaceloving other nice people. Thanks again for sharing my dream.

P.S. When you visit the Welcome Center and see the future, you will be able to sign up for your desired location with no obligation, and take your place in line, in case you want to be with us.

- Mitch Leigh

A great place for really nice people to live, work and have fun!