Colonie des Artistes

Whether you’re in a creative profession, or just like being around artists, writers, performers, craftspeople and other colorful individuals, you’ll love living (and possibly working) in this fabulous neighborhood. Take a stroll, take in the outdoor art scene, or take your sweet time at a sidewalk café. I designed this area so that each day, when you leave your apartment, you’ll feel like you’re stepping into Paris’s exciting Left Bank!

La Colonie des Artistes features:

Colonie des Artistes renderingColonie des Artistes renderingColonie des Artistes rendering

A great place for really nice people to live, work and have fun!

Dining, Shopping, Workspaces
If you’re like me, everyday living is much more pleasant without traffic and parking hassles. At JACKSON Twenty-One you’ll find everything you need – markets, shops, restaurants, galleries, gyms, spas and services – without getting in your car. You can even lease a modern office and commute to work on foot!

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