The Village Green

As a young boy in Brooklyn, New York, I always dreamed of living in a place with a homey small town feel, but also with the fun and excitement of the big city. So I gave The Village Green a large public meadow where people can come each day to stroll, sunbathe or toss a frisbee… and also gather for community events, like picnics, parades, concerts and fireworks. I surrounded it with great dining options, including restaurants in NJ, shops, arts, entertainment, and luxury rental apartments featuring floor-to-ceiling glass for lots of light and terrific views.

The Village Green features:

Village Green renderingVillage Green rendering

A great place for really nice people to live, work and have fun!

Arts, Sports, Fun
One of the greatest dreams of my life came true when I won a Tony Award for composing and producing Man of La Mancha. Music, art and dance are very special to me. So you can be sure that JACKSON Twenty-One will feature the very best in arts, sports and entertainment, including experimental theaters, movies, gyms, sports venues, music, dance, and related instructional schools.

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